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The Unknown

The Stranger


I was brought into this world to love solely you. In the womb of my mother is where I first heard your name. As a song for the months your name would play over and over again. Finally the day arrived I was born free from the warmth of my mother womb. I had hoped you would be one of the few my ears had the pleasure of hearing first but to my amazement the only part of you that had been born was your name.


Oh life where shall you guide us next?
What addiction shall we fall onto next?
The idea's we once carried and cared for are now gone with most places persons and things such as friends and families. Places we once called our homes now forgotten by us through are higher power's and remembered by many, treasured by other's.

Revenge Of Smiles approaching, as the jesters are doing right by their king and queen. The servents laugh and applause lead by fear of losing there head's from there bodies. The horses reaching, moving faster and harder away from what was once the most beautiful horrific castle in all the kingdom. Smiles that once were for other's now set on the faces of two brothers whom were born in that horrific once beautiful kingdom that is now no more.

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Writing has always been apart of who I am but in till recently I have put a lot of my (words) some would say emotions down onto paper. Describing what my eye's witness, no matter the share or content.

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