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She stood in the freezing cold.
And the rain felt like snowballs.
On a side bench under neon lights, she sat.
With a blue circle surrounding her eye,

If I close my eyes in sleep, will I come back to me?
And if I do, will things be the same? I hope not...
Time moves on. For everything must change, but
do they really? It is only a recycled life of lost wonder.

At dusk, we should careen our slippers.
Into the milky way swirls, as the crop of
sugar raptures our mystical whisper.
Warm embraces gasp for traces of lavender.

Torches burned around the circle of concubines.
Each one was holding the spice of life.
There was Pleasure, Ecstasy, Orgasmic and so on.
They serenaded in angels cloak. The color of a nun's robe.

Wishes camouflaged
the transparent wind.
So I ran towards them,
as the little girl with a

Who has infiltrated but the structure of broken.
The castle made from sand; the one built of drought straw.
In which ye live, I stretch my love with a sighing smile.
Upon my request, should thus be torn down.

You will grow before the earth leaves.
Tho, you may be facing the night of day,
Don't close those marvelous dreams
The look of success you convey.

Apple pie was promised to me.
As a kid, my eyes were filled with glee;
I could not wait for my slice.
Crumbled Dutch was my favorite.

The tears wallop the cheeks as hail fell upon them.
Each heart pained a dropp of pouring salt into open ulcers.
Now the bleeding has ceased.
And swollen eyes filled the verge of sight.

And the bell rang soft___
Like speakers in elephant's trunk,
The world is a jungle.
Yes, very much it is...

Waltzing among the pleasant shore
Along the waters came high tide
In furious motion my blood did rise
As somber breaths unfurled

JHP Poetry Biography

I was born and raised in the upper parts of South Carolina. The only child to a single parent. So I became creative early in life. However, this creativity didn't stop in childhood. It grew into my adulthood. Through writing I have discovered I could be whoever, do and go where ever I desire BY THE STROKE OF A PEN. And at The same time escape the darkness that sometime surrounds me. Stay tuned for A totally honest, open and complete bio in my next publication Vol.2 (winter 2011) . But yes, during my leisure moments, I sit and write my poetry. My love for this art grows stronger daily. Do indulge yourself in my second book, The Gaping Sky which can be purchased @ lulu.com Also be sure and tour my entire web. I wish to share with all. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Jessica Hughes)

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The Freezing Rain

She stood in the freezing cold.
And the rain felt like snowballs.
On a side bench under neon lights, she sat.
With a blue circle surrounding her eye,
when somebody almost punched her
lights out. Just staring at those who
gawked at her. As she smoked under a
store roof top. This is when she saw him.
He walked on by. To her surprise,
He was as handsome as ever.
'Life must be treating him well.'
There was a provoking sound out of
the gaping sky to jump in front of a
bus. He would pay attention.
Maybe stop to see her lying there.
She was not okay as her quivery voice
claimed. But, he didn't detect the
disturbing echos in the background.
So she hung up the phone.
She, the old worn out dish rag.
She, the door mat to most people.
Still, she thought he would have an
instant flashback. A relapse of their
long history together. Instead,
she stood in the freezing rain.
And he didn't even remember her name.
It's Ada... she uttered. The lighter burning
her fingertips. The expression on his
face. It told their story. She kept walking
through the foggy night.

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