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1. Moonbeams And Jasmine 8/2/2014
2. In The Evening Of Life 8/2/2014
3. Enigma Is Thy Name 8/2/2014
4. Evening 8/2/2014
5. Forest 8/2/2014
6. Night 8/2/2014
7. Fantasy 8/2/2014
8. Love 8/2/2014
9. In A Railway Shanty 8/2/2014
10. Nostalgia 8/2/2014
11. How I Wish 8/2/2014
12. I Want To Talk Junk 8/9/2014
13. Has God Gone Chasing Some Tail? 8/10/2014
14. My Boat Is Sinking Ever So Slowly 9/23/2014
15. Their Death Is Laced With Hope 10/4/2014
16. My Hill And My Star 10/6/2014
17. The Child Rag Pickers 11/18/2014
18. In The Evening Of My Life 4/3/2015
19. My Friend With Alzheimer's 5/28/2015
20. I Am A Confused Man 5/28/2015
21. Premonition 6/11/2015
22. The Fake Isis 6/12/2015
23. Redolent Of Vinage Wine 8/5/2014
24. Corruption They Say Is Evil 10/4/2014
25. The Universe Does Not Give A Damn 10/4/2014
26. My Backpack Is All That I Have 8/7/2014
27. Love's Travails 4/19/2015
28. Autumn In Japan 8/2/2014

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Autumn In Japan

Autumn in Japan is is god's gift to man
Trees cinderallise the green countryside almost overnight
Every tree wears resplendent kimonos woven in myriad hues
Greens sulking in the background as if deprived of its dues
Translucent Momijis in mauve and crimson, undisputed king of autumn
Jostle against Giinko's dazzling yellow, no match for momijis' splendour
Nanakamado ‘s pink and red look down from from slopes overhead
with unconcealed disdain for trees growing in foothills beyond
A carpet of Kusamomiji softens one's steps
Their hue of mustard turning to red within...

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Tired rays of the setting sun draping the ruins of the day
From the marauding fingers of night till dawn wakes
Guwahati 20th July,2014

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