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I Want To Kill You

You pierced a dagger into my heart,
And step in from my life,
Like a wind which is vanished
So calmly after a storm,
Which has nothing to do
With the harm it has done.
It passed away simply
As it has no eyes..
No feelings..
Not even a single pulse of life in it.

You are so cruel.
You could kill me
With one stab itself.
Why you didn't? ?
Why? ? ?
Its too hard to live
With a dagger in heart.
Its bleeding like hell
Making myself completely
Wet in blood..

If I get a chance to kill you
I promise....! ! !
I will kill you definitely,
With a sharp polished knife
Which has made only for You.
But not like You did.
You are not even
Deserving to live with
A bleeding heart..
I think..

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Jiji Mohandas Popularity

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