Jim Dunlap Poems

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L'Amour En RĂªve, Reveries Of Love

I toss in strangely troubled dreams
Of rolling hills and woodland streams -
Of soft, pale skin, so smooth and fair,
And moonlight glancing off her hair.

In Search Of A Chalice And A Pentacle

Proud Venus shines on a knight vainly searching
Through lonely days of rain, snow and hail -
In desolate wilderland, honor besmirching,
Sealed to the trail of a dream, and a Grail.

Another Victim Of Global Warming

Will some future storm be the vehicle
Of the Gulf's liquified penetration,
And New Orleans suffer the fate
Of titanic and swift inundation?

Prelude To A Car Crash On Prom Night

'Have another drink, ' he said,
'The night's young, you know.'
'No, I'm nearly ready for bed -
And I certainly do have to go.'

An Ode To Shani Dev


It is recorded that on a time, Sri Surya Dev
went into eclipse, ostensibly on the birth

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