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From clouds
to soil
to rivers
through hills

I love
The smell of fresh bread
wafting through the ice air
from the bakery

There a place at the back,
My little oasis,

Thank you
for your comments
that fly through the wires
across the world

There's the sun
just behind that cloud
I haven't seen it today
but, I know its there.


Rooted in soil
I reach to pull the clouds
After many years I may reach
In luck I may be nearer

I spent a lifetime one night,
Talking to you,
Never met,
But you know me,


If I could smell
I would drink your scent in
like a man who had crossed a desert
Quenching on oasis water

When the me of 6 years
heard grown up speak of
concentration camps
the 6 year old I

There's a hole in me
It grew over 12 years of not seeing you
It deepened and darkened until there was no way out
After years I thought of moving towards the light


I hate
the way
that people
say that

Two towers fell today
Two towers were pushed
by death in air

Neil Armstrong
walked on the moon
looked back at the earth
and thought

A penny for them
she said
one day
when I had a far away look

In the time of my dying
I saw many things
I felt my memories
form into a mass

One day I decided
that I would not
under any circumstances
wear a hood

How you live
in my mind,
My soul'

Sitting still
Waiting for the clock
To smash through the tock
that seems to take forever

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older than I have been, younger than I will be. Smarter than I was, perhaps)

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From clouds
to soil
to rivers
through hills
over waterfalls
under stones
through sand
teeming with life
crossed by craft
in sea
to clouds
to rain
all of us

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Jim French Popularity

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