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A young upcoming writer. Author of unpublished poems and drama works. A graduate of NCE in the department of English and an undergraduate of B.ED in English

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18 January 2016

Love and feelings are incomparable, they are of different relms

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Jimoh Ibrahim 30 December 2015

Everybody is Abiku. We are all born to die

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How Do You Want To Die?

You don't want to die of infirmity
Moved on a four wheel couch
Wired and re-wired
till the arrival of the divine Messenger
Ready to apprehend your soul

You don't want to die of combustion
Seeing each vein and fur and spike
Razed down by fire storm
Till dust and embers are left
Ruffled by a slight breeze

You don't want to die of crash
To prevent assemblage of mortals
Seeing how your bones crushes
While the reckage is ablaze glittering for their last curdles

How then do you want to die?

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Jimoh Ibrahim Popularity

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