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A Soldier's Story

Listen and hear the bravery of unsung heroes,
echoes of cries with thunder in the heavenly skies.
Is it not an irony to war in order to live in peace?,
when remembrance brings warmth and comfort to


Imagine thunder and lightening streaking across the moonlit sky,
streets are torn apart oozing out fiery lava.
The Earth is barren and the once colorful oceans all dry,
as a single warrior walks out of the fire as Earth's last savior. Imagine a heroic knight dashing across the shallow mirrored lake, as his mighty horse gallops with unnerving speed.


A lone warrior runs the distance,
prepared to confront the challenges that arrive.
Realizing with sure reliance,
that all must persevere to survive. To succumb would bring disarray or demise,

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