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We've roamed the wild country
My beautiful yellow eyes,
Side by side we've hunted
Shadows dancing on northern skies.

A dog sits waiting,
His plumes tail gently waving,
As he waits for you to return.
He thought that they were going to get out to play,

Wolves eyes...
are the most beautiful eyes
to look into.
What do you see

My friend is turely misunderstood,
She comes from ature like the earth and the wood,
All the misconceptions about her she must defend,
They cannot see she has the gentleness of the wind.

(I was going through my cousins papers after he died and found this. I decided to put this up here today... he left all his works of peoetry to me and some of them we wrote together. I may start to put up some of his poetry on here, i dunno.)

No more homework! No more tests!
We the students of the USA certainly agree,


I watched the black car pull up in front of my mother's house,
I watched the strangers walk up the drive,
I cocked my head as they knocked on the door,
My mother opened the door and gasped.

Two wolves trotting side by side,
One scarred one ragged both beautiful.
One as black as the starless night,
One as white as the blazing moon,

The wolves are coming...
Their feet are falling on long-forgotten paths,
their lost voices are filling the vast sky.
While their golden eyes slash through the night;

Not the night call for his mate
Nor the full moon instinct howl
This wolf song sings forlorn fate
A lonesome breed on singular prowl

He stands alone at the top of the hill
And sings his mournful cry,
His mate and cubs are missing
He's not certain why.

Sometimes I wonder,
About death,
I muse about the darkness,
And the decay.

When you see my glistening eyes...
Do not fear.

When you hear my untamed songs...

If you look....
And find sorrow,
-It is because I sorrow.
for brothers and sisters lost,


Forever these chains pull me into this world,
I long to have my wings spread free.
But are we not all this way?
We are all seekign for the impossible,

They tighly embrace their burning pride,
They raise their muzzles to the dark night sky,
Their silent paws pad on well beaten trails,
The bright Wolf Moon serves as their only guide,

Silent Paws padding,
on a well beaten trail,
so young, so frail.
The moon is now his guide,

Listen closely...
to the wind blowing
and you will hear
a wolf howling in the wind.

The howl creeps on,
Breaking the silence well,
A long mournful cry,
Carries on and on,

The ocean breeze stirs my heart,
The salty air blows over me,
The sea’s waves lap at my paws,
The Sea Mother protects the pack.

Silent feet treading,
On a well beaten road…
Where to wander?
Where to go?

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My Yellow Eyes

We've roamed the wild country
My beautiful yellow eyes,
Side by side we've hunted
Shadows dancing on northern skies.

There have been times of plenty
We were content and serene,
Peacefully sleeping
Dangers few and far between.

We've also known much hunger
Ribs protruding from each side,
Mournfully we howled
When our starving cubs had died.

And then there was our first winter
Romping thru the glistening snow,
Tasting each crystal snowflake
Falling gently to and fro.

Ah my dear, sweet yellow eyes
I've known no greater love,
Without you, I am nothing
Our wild souls are one.

And now you lay there dying
Steel jaws upon your frame,
Life's blood slowly seeping
I whimper your sweet name.

Helpless, I watch you struggle
Chest heaving with labored breath,
Steel jaws clenching tighter
Winds whisper the song of death.

The blood has now stopped flowing
I know the time is near,
And you will forever leave me
My love, my life, my dear.

And now my world is silent
Your struggles now have ceased,
I lay my head upon you
And know you are at peace.

Perhaps your soul has lifted
To skies where eagles soar,
And there you'll greet your brothers
To run with them forever more.

And someday I shall find you
In the heaven's so far above,
And when our wild soul's unite
There'll be no greater love.

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Bella 25 October 2018

Hello my name is Bella and i am 12. i am very interested in your work, i am trying to do a little research on you and i cant seem to find any information on you i cant find your age when you where born where you where born what you look like its almost like you do not exist your a gost.

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