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I am Not a Poet.. I write because I enjoy every moment I spent on it.. Its a Joy to Write...

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Touch - Rain's Quest

A MidSummer Night's Rain
Mother nature gets her act together
The Cool breeze, the Strong winds
Chirping Birds hurrying to their abode

Things Just Happen

Love takes a different road
the land mines and volcanos
Sweet melody to the ears
like a rock with solitude

Dreams, I Said No To

Visions I see
Too many to forsee
Different they are in color and spirit
Shocking and Glaring

Soul - The Search

Floating away to a different Shore
Trying to find a foothold
Purpose defies logic
Logic Defies World Order

Love - Evening Of Sorrow

Walking down the hospital corridors
Startled and terrified
The feeling hasn't sunk in
Sulking like a little boy without Milk

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Vijay Menon 01 May 2009

read all your poems nice good imaginations and fine words make it very intresting keep up the good work like to read more of your lines in the coming days vijay menon vijaymenon009@yahoo.com

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