Joanna Baillie

(1762-1851 / Scotland)

Joanna Baillie Poems

121. The Lament 4/15/2010
122. The Last Leaf 4/15/2010
123. The Legend Of Christopher Columbus 4/15/2010
124. The Merry Heart 4/15/2010
125. The Moody Seer 4/15/2010
126. The Mother’s Remonstrance 4/15/2010
127. The Robber Polydore 4/15/2010
128. The Sailor’s Departure 4/15/2010
129. The Season Of Life 4/15/2010
130. The Ship’s Return 4/15/2010
131. The Song Of Triumph Of The Greeks, Off Tenedos, After The Night Of The 10th Of November, 1822 4/15/2010
132. Third Devotional Song 4/15/2010
133. Thoughts Taken From The 93rd Psalm 4/15/2010
134. To A Friend, On His Wedding-Day 4/15/2010
135. To Count ----, On The Death Of His Wife 4/15/2010
136. To Memory 4/15/2010
137. To Mrs. ----, On Returning A Fine Hyacinth Plant After The Bloom Was Over 4/15/2010
138. To Mrs. Fry 4/15/2010
139. To Mrs. Siddons 4/15/2010
140. The Loss Of The Royal George 4/15/2010
141. The Lot Of Thousands 4/15/2010
142. The Maid Of Llanwellyn 4/15/2010
143. Tomorrow 4/15/2010
144. Two Brothers 4/15/2010
145. Two Songs 4/15/2010
146. Verses Added To The Foregoing By The Baby’s Paternal Grandmother 4/15/2010
147. Verses On Our Own Flowery Kirtled Spring 4/15/2010
148. Verses Sent To Mrs. Baillie On Her Birthday, 1813 4/15/2010
149. Wake, Lady! 4/15/2010
150. Written Under The Drawing Of A Flying Cupid 4/15/2010
151. To Cupid 1/13/2016
152. Lines To Agnes Baillie On Her Birthday 4/15/2010
153. Verses Written In February, 1827 4/15/2010
154. The Merry Bachelor 4/15/2010
155. To Sophia J. Baillie, An Infant 4/15/2010
156. Thunder 4/15/2010
157. Time And Friendship 4/15/2010
158. Sonnet 1 4/15/2010
159. Sonnet 2 4/15/2010
160. St. John Xxi. 1. 4/15/2010

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Best Poem of Joanna Baillie

Song, Woo’d And Married And A’

THE bride she is winsome and bonny,
Her hair it is snooded sae sleek,
And faithfu' and kind is her Johnny,
Yet fast fa' the tears on her cheek.
New pearlins are cause of her sorrow,
New pearlins and plenishing too,
The bride that has a' to borrow,
Has e'en right mickle ado.
Woo'd and married and a'!
Woo'd and married and a'!
Is na' she very weel aff
To be woo'd and married at a'?
Her mither then hastily spak,
'The lassie is glakit wi' pride;
In my pouch I had never a plack
On the day when I was a bride.
E'en tak' to your wheel, and be ...

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A Hymn For The Kirk

O LORD of earth and Heaven,
Whose love and power have given
The solid ground and floating air
And circling ocean, regions fair,
To be the home of moving life,
The busy seats of joy and strife,--
To thee with fear and love we raise
A song of praise.
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