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Many in the gallows
Only for the witness to part their lips
Freedom will they know

For me it's a choice of life or death
Treasures or trashes
Have you counted the cost?
Peradventure your soul is lost

I have given up so many things
Many more to give up
For this eternal home
All that need be will I give up

My brother from another Mother
I want to lend you as you have asked
But for your other brothers
They shed more tears than you can feign

To be black, white or yellow
To have straight, curly or blond hair:
No Man chose
But to hate and kill 'cos of race


There is this rodent in my room
Pays me no rent for to live
Misses no appetizer or dessert
Maneuvers aptly to avoid death

As they grew
They became independent
No more to be tossed

The hounds
Always so alive in the morning
Their Sweet Dreams they want to set in motion
Walking them out to pee

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Silent Saints

Many in the gallows
Only for the witness to part their lips
Freedom will they know

Likewise in our Kingdom
The King in our stead offered his son a ransom
Blameless yet hunged on calvary
He ressurrected; the twist in the story
That carved for us a way to glory

Hidden was the mystery
Lucifer, was blind to the plan
Captives became free; there laid his misery
He wants to conceal the defeat; his new plan

You are the voices to be silenced
Accept to be a silent saint
A patner you've become with the devil
Stand up today, speak it
Refuse to be silenced
Go on roof tops, every nook and cranny
Tell the old time 'saving' story
Jesus came, died, buried and he is resurrected
Save a soul today

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