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This ain't a letter,
this ain't for you.
cos' I'm long over,
long over how I use to feel.

Hello this friend, Here's what i gotta say,
A short rhyme, A attempt to make your day.

If you're feeling vexed and stress is up to your head.


Opened my eyes, I start to see,
the great white sky on top of me.
The beautiful lake so calm and still,
they're nothing, nothing compared to you.

Here I am, here with you.
Here we are by the lover's hill.
Laugh, at the world's hectic rush.
As it means nothing, nothing to us.

There's never gonna be a me and you.
We're not meant to be,
We'll never do.

Breaths that fights your lungs.
Words that bite your tongue
Laughter that brings extreme pain.
Threads that keep you sane.


Laugh, at the world's hectic rush.
At the way it works.
At how they can feel good,
to see how others hurt.


Have you ever seen a sad clown?
Who's brightly painted face homes a doleful frown.
Who wears a wide grin across his face,
in an attempt to hide that lonely gaze.


Every Man is,
in a way cursed.
He was growing in us since our birth.

The best may fail at times,
the fastest may get left behind.
The sun may lose its shinning rays,
the star may fade out one fine day.

Sometime ago someone said,
that fruits only appear when flowers are dead.
That it's not the end when a fruit rippens and drop,
its is a beginning of a brand new crop.

Let retribution take away this breathe of mine,
let it come.Let it end my time.
I can still feel it, deep beneath the skin.
In the form of the devil's sting.


I wanted to write you a poem today,
a poem to express the things i wanna say.
To express the words that are deep inside,

He can call down rain from the clouds above,
Adding to river, flooding the earth.
Summon fire from the skies,
Burning peace & taking lives.

A teary eye,
a heavy sigh.
I lie in bed,
for sleep i wait.

She's as beautiful as an angel with great white wings
but her strike's so venomous like a scorpions sting.
Her icy touch, so cooling on the skin
yet it burns you deep within.

Tell me why they work so hard, for fortune and fame?
or is it just to get a name?
And i ask again why they work so hard to make it big,
Is money the only thing that they need?

Need No Valentine
Its the time of the year when couples meet,
they hug, they kiss, they're all so sweet.
Like lovebirds flying in the clear blue sky,

Here's a poem for you and me
but i do wish your friend could see.
Babies born without arms or legs,
a group of others are born dead.

Where the darkest ally meets the hottest hell,
lies an old man with a story to tell.
as he starts, tears shows up.
he bit his lips & swallows hard.

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I'm writing when inspiration hits.)

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This Ain'T A Letter

This ain't a letter,
this ain't for you.
cos' I'm long over,
long over how I use to feel.

I don't think bout the past,
the sweet times from before.
I don't wish to return to then,
long for times like those no more.

I don't sit down and wonder,
how you are doing.
I don't lie in bed,
thinking bout what could have been.

I have moved on,
a long long time ago.
Found some one new,
Some one for me to hold.

This ain't a letter,
this ain't the truth.
What i really wanted,
was to say I miss you

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