Joelz Hernandez

Joelz Hernandez Poems

1. Questions 11/7/2009
2. Alone 11/7/2009
3. Jeymi 11/7/2009
4. First Love 11/7/2009
5. Pondering 11/7/2009
6. Candles 11/7/2009
7. Life 11/7/2009
8. Going On 11/8/2009
9. High Off Freedom 11/8/2009
10. The World 11/8/2009
11. Leaving Everything Behind 11/8/2009
12. All Hope 11/8/2009
13. My Childern 11/8/2009
14. Never Understanding 11/8/2009
15. Pure Love 11/8/2009
16. Feeling The Passion 11/18/2009
17. Chaos 12/11/2009
18. Late Night 12/11/2009
19. For Love Ill Ask 12/11/2009
20. Unexplainable Love 11/12/2009

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Unexplainable Love

A perfect mix or perfect fit
with words that makes each of us tremble
knowing what heaven needs standing on top of its grounds is an angel
making your beauty so unexplainable,
gifts or promises never being enough
seeing you for who you really are and never for who your not
having words the only thing that can be expressed but having me stuck
closing my eyes wanting that touch that gives me that destiny in me
if you give me a chance to hold your hand
tell you what you want to hear how this can become one heart
and last forever......

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First Love

If i can write the beauty of her eyes, it'll tell a thousand stories of my ever lasting love towards her heart.......For her love i would leave the world, with her lips my fate will turn to desperation of my destiny and with her body would be the length of the sun with the envyest moon, while her brightness turns everything to speak like it's not e

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