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In just a blink

you sink

A winter moon in a frosty sky
I’m a seagull that’s soaring high
Sweet as crescent moon, crazy it may seem
That you shot me with your ethereal moonbeam

Epitomes of pedagogy
Pioneers of sound mind and body
Good manners and right conduct
Combine for a good product

Days are too fast
Though all of us are patient waiters
But our hearts are steadfast
That's why they call us achievers

My house was set afire that night
My clothes, my things were fading
Like cremains filling my fright
While I'm just in one corner, crying

I was dancing cold throughout the night
Waltzing alone until twilight breaks the light
Then I saw a shadow, strange and small
It’s height is neither low nor tall

I wonder why I feel so cold for tomorrow
Is there an apparition that passed by?
Or a cool breeze that gently whipped my sorrow?
None of the two but why I'm still feeling this, why?

Ms. Crazy is full of hearts
Her sweet voice tastes like bow tart
That sensual sound creeps to my throat
And keeps my mind afloat

What your presence means
Perhaps it's just a bizarre reward
What your presence means
Perhaps it's just commonplace

When all deeds in your life
Bear no fruits but strife
Look again at the skies
Stare at them and think twice

Smoky questions

ready to sink

woods chuckle softly

as bodies get warm

I was sitting on a small porch, on the other side
Of the street, waiting to cross the line
But then the rain poured so wide
That it stretched your space close to mine

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A young poet who randomly writes poem about everything he gets interested to.

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My Eyes Close By Themselves

In just a blink

you sink


In just a flip

you sleep

In just a finger snap

you swap


Just in time my eyes close


Sink in the deep blue

Sleep in a white hue

Swap your soul from a mild dew to a mindless clue.


You are the lightest cotton ever lived

The flame shining fieriest, so naive

Still, you can’t be lit

Your candle is melted and split.


Are these true?

Are they real?

Are they new?

Are these surreal?


It’s drilling in my head

The pain, the memories

It’s quaking under my bed

The past, the miseries

It’s boring in my skin

The thoughts, the regrets

It’s dripping down my chin

The tears, the threats


Those are just walls

When I’m stone-walling

Those are just imageries

When I’m imagining

Not even knowing

That nightmares are dreams too


Until I close my eyes

And my tears drip, then





This time, my eyes close by themselves.

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'Befriending a rich friend with a good heart is a miracle but befriending a poor friend with a bad heart is a blessing in disguise.'

'Begging for a long lost trust is like chasing the very last train, after you've noticed that you can't take over ahead of it.'

To earn a friend's trust, you must first weave yours towards others.'

'The more people you value, the weaker you are.'

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Joen Coronel Popularity

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