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With light nervous steps, he trod in
As one aroused from an upshot of gin
And stood abashed, a shadow ill-prepared,
His sealed quivering lips unassured

When I die,
Cry not your heart out
Nor weep any tears at my grave
I will not see you, cry for me now.

Some nights, when the moon is happy
Smiling broadly from its heavenly home.
A small crowd gathers in the yard;
Grandma, mother, aunty and the others

Behold the light fades and rises not
And the cute little stars hide in shame
The moon fears to show her face
And day and night become as one.

There is a house, half in ruins
At the other end of the village
Battered and ravaged by wind and rain
Half the walls lie prostrate

On an hallowed spot at home,
Stands a tall, mighty baobab.
Steeped in myth and legend
A massive and hefty girth

I walk my beat in many cities and markets
Up and down in the perspiring sun.
From Tamale to Kumasi Kejetia
From Techiman to Takoradi market circle

The rain is falling all year round
Falling, falling, falling… everywhere!
It rains on the mountains and hills
And on the shops in the valleys.

It was a beauteous night, and dusty
And we were all mum and droopy
Whilst the preacher droned on
And the rest of the world lived on

Take a walk down the village path
And read the tales on its face.
A thousand tales told and retold
In the marks of those gone before.

I do my crying in the rain
Shrieking with the thunder
Howling with the wind
So that my tears are washed away

I heard a man had a dream once
It was a bold dream
And they shot him down cold
Dreams are dangerous things!

Weeding the fields couldn't be more delightful!
Though backs are breaking in the noonday heat
Palms blistering from gripping rigid hoe sticks
Sweat trickling down the groins of labouring kinsmen

The day and the hour draws nigh
When all shall return to Him
Who did form them of word and clay
And did give to all His own breath

It is a topsy-turvy world this
For not the doers that count
Not the men in the arena
Not those faces marred by dust and blood

Oh bright and innocent Lilium,
Why do you wail in the mountain breeze?
Golden Splendour, scented Robina,
Why envy the crimson-rose?

Today I looked through my window
Silent and absent-mindedly.
I saw the verdurous crowns of many trees
The multi-coloured roofs of many homes

They come in droves and drones
Winging wildly overhead at great speed
Making straight for the millet crop
Standing all white in the fields:

All tattered and battered it stands
Its unkempt walls lay prostrate
In obeisance to the earthly force.
Yet once, it was high and mighty

The day was damp and raw
And I was down and stuck in the doldrums
But on the powerlines outside my window
I found two little birds in intimate talk

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John Agandin is a teacher, writer, and blogger.)

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The Math Teacher

With light nervous steps, he trod in
As one aroused from an upshot of gin
And stood abashed, a shadow ill-prepared,
His sealed quivering lips unassured
Whether it be fractions or portions
Change of subject or meaningless expressions
Pondering where and how to begin
Whilst they continued their din
Not heeding the unsettled guest
Framed in the doorway aghast
Clutching a heavy textbook
With a finger locked in the nook.

A well-pressed shirt that daintily sat
And shoes black as night pat
Were all they could admire of him.
For he could neither add nor multiply
Save by that book he held to comply.
And he stammered badly enough
To send them reeling to the north.
He was thrust upon them without a session
And they could instruct him with fair revision.
But he messed up his very first lesson
('He's killing us' she said)
So they bundled whatever standing he had
And sent it through the window hard
Slapping their hands together as if to say
Teaching Maths is not a child's play!

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Which side are you on? Are you fighting on the part of ignorance, prejudice, bias, blind and unquestioning adherence to culture and tradition, or are you fighting on the side of reason, of the spread of knowledge, and of enlightenment for all?

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