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1. John 'Asshat' Stevenson 4/8/2011

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John 'Asshat' Stevenson

I am John 'Asshat' Stevenson. 'Asshat' is my nickname because I am an asshat. I do asshat-ish things. I live for asshatterry. I don't like poetry. I don't like most poets. I am a spelling Nazi, except when it comes to words that aren't words but should be (Like 'Asshat') . I am not, however, a Grammar Nazi. Grammar isn't as simple as spelling, and so I don't care as much about grammatical mistakes. But if you make a spelling mistake, in spite of the spell check available here, I will comment angrily on your poor spelling. Spell stuff right. It's easy. Just use the spell check. Seriously. It's ...

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