John Burnside

(19 March 1955 - / Dunfermline, Scotland)

John Burnside Poems

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1. Landscapes 1/11/2012
2. Cornfield 1/11/2012
3. The Archaeology Of Childhood 1: House 1/11/2012
4. Si Dieu N’existait Pas 1/11/2012
5. The Inner Ear 1/11/2012
6. Septuagesima 1/13/2003
7. Over Kellie 1/11/2012
8. Ronan 1/11/2012
9. Blues 1/11/2012
10. Agoraphobia 1/13/2003
11. Snake 1/13/2003

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Best Poem of John Burnside


As cats bring their smiling
mouse-kills and hypnotised birds,
slinking home under the light
of a summer's morning
to offer the gift of a corpse,

you carry home the snake you thought
was sunning itself on a rock
at the river's edge:
sun-fretted, gracile,
it shimmies and sways in your hands
like a muscle of light,
and you gather it up like a braid
for my admiration.

I can't shake the old wife's tale
that snakes never die,
they hang in a seamless dream
of frogskin and water,
preserving a ribbon of heat
in a bone or a ...

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