John Davidson Poems

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Loyal Friends

What is friends who always have your back,
and help you to make up for the things that you lack.
From speed to strength, and height to weight,
they can help you to avoid or confront your fate.

Atlanta Born, Atlanta Raised

Seen as a southern teen living for the moment,
no one expected that a close friend slept in a tent.
Taking his life for granted and living his life for the danger,
always waved and said hello to all and any strangers.

Creative Ideas

A thought that appears as nothing at all,
will seem like the cause of your unlikely downfall.
No one will look upon your way,
and will think that you succeeded throughout your day.

Love Life

What is in a relationship so true,
a loving boyfriend or girlfriend that love you for you.
That makes you happy and helps you stay afloat,
that makes some mistakes and would never even gloat.

Society Made Me Who I Am

Why does life expand on top of horizons,
the truth seemed hopeful so stop that lieing.
Gratitude is giving to the ones who look ahead,
strong in will to not end up dead.