John Dillenger II

John Dillenger II Poems

1. It's Not Yet Over 9/19/2012
2. One Calm Night 9/20/2012
3. A Tongue No Longer Used 9/20/2012
4. My Moonlight Gone Away 9/20/2012
5. I Fight Today 9/21/2012
6. The Lightning 9/21/2012
7. A Dream I Had 9/28/2012
8. Maybe All I Have Is Hope... But That's Enough 11/13/2012
9. Weapon Of Angels 11/30/2012
10. A Friend Lost Hope 12/12/2012
11. Lost Souls 2/19/2013
12. Lonely Nights 2/19/2013
13. Questions 2/21/2013
14. What's Left To Create 2/21/2013
15. Dream Of Dreams 2/21/2013
16. The Beast Of The Mind 5/9/2013
17. Broken Dreams 5/9/2013
18. Darkness Creates 7/8/2013
19. Unanswered 7/8/2013
20. To Hold A Sword 7/8/2013
21. Weary Soul 7/29/2013
22. My Drug 7/29/2013
23. Never Still 7/29/2013
24. How Do I Save You? 9/17/2013
25. The Dead Are Dead 9/17/2013
26. The World 9/17/2013
27. Left In The Dark 9/17/2013
28. My Only 9/17/2013
29. Paradox 9/18/2012
30. My Labyrinth 9/18/2012
31. My Only Thoughts 9/18/2012
32. A Goodnight Kiss From Afar 9/19/2012
33. Unrestrained 2/21/2013
34. Alone On The Beach 9/18/2012
35. Your Darker Side 9/18/2012
36. A Pain To Clear To Me 9/19/2012
37. Fear Greater Than The Fall 3/12/2013
Best Poem of John Dillenger II

Your Darker Side

The cord of life quickly unwound
as it follows its turns round and round
the pain She feels which knows no bounds
will hardly stop till she makes a sound
of primal hate and hurt inside
and from consciousness her world will slide
bound by something you cannot see
unbreaking in the churning tide
laying with whom you cannot be
the one she believes is by her side
and now she lays there dead yet alive
because of you, your darker side.

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Alone On The Beach

The ocean waves lap at my feet, the warm salt speckled water warming me against the soft breeze. Soft tan sand as fine as dust shifts beneath my feet. The sun still sits above the horizon, which was good, because she wasn't here yet. I've been waiting so long. I stopped counting the days when I began to lose hope, but I still wait for her. She is s

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