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banana tree man
wanders the soul o' Nippon
nay fear o' shogun

life begins again
it can be no other way

I will cure disease
eternal life give gladly
age, sickness will cease


pouring down my face
yet the clouds beneath
floating in space
this love I bequeath

too many a coincidence
that saves my life again
another incidence
when luck comes into play

under willow tree
contemplate infinity
wave within wave see

why have you chosen me
what is it you want me to be
fur no one listens to thee
ignorant unfortunately

afraid o' the light
termite civilization
ignorance is bliss

why won't you listen
the elite will not escape
remain and perish

translucent bubble
floating o'er big city
in strange ship I fly

hundred year countdown
population explosion
prepare to leave now

sometimes I do wish
that I could just float away
up with the stars shine

you are beautiful
shining magnificently
in your golden robes

times moving too quick
security forces fail
cannot be contained

cities on mars, moon
lakes and rivers on venus
just open your eyes

under cover spy
the secret service hero
special agent I

Maxwell's equations
schrodinger, de Broglie too
Einstein, fourier

white sand like crystals
under a coconut tree
distant memories

the traitors must die
Zionist freemasonry
demon parasite

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banana tree man
wanders the soul o' Nippon
nay fear o' shogun

follow the prophet may some
the sage under rising sun

weight he carries none
straw hat his only burden
like a star he shone

although matsuo is gone
in this heart forever one

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