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Wouldn't it be wondrous
If cats could fly,

Christmas Evening

Christmas day is almost over

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Pinky's Dream


Wouldn't it be wondrous
If cats could fly,
Dueling with eagles
In the sky.

Swooping down from out
Of the blue,
Tumbling over a
Mouse or two.

Whizzing past both
Cardinal and jay,
Daring the swallows to come out and play, -
While flying about in a feline way.

Zooming through valleys and
High over hills
Making the most of new found skills -
By buzzing a terrier just for thrills.

Skimming over both town and city,
While people shout,
"There's a flying kitty! "
You can't catch me,
Oh what a pity.

Dipping down to steal his hat,
A farmer shouts,
"What was that! "
A groundhog laughs,
"It's a dadburn cat! "

Rocketing low, down a grassy lane,
"Look out! " says a goldfinch,
"He'll do it again! "
A chipmunk observes,
"Just like a plane."

Roaring straight up,
This flying machine,
Oh! Now the blackbirds are turning green,
Maybe they wouldn't
If the weren't so mean.

Soaring over a playground
Of dancing kites.
Playing leapfrog to the children's delight, -
Then off again and out of sight!

All tired out from flying play,
Pinky lands at the end of the day.

He lands back upon the bed,
Curls up his body,
And rests his head.

- -And dreams

Dreams of the fanciful things he'll do,
When he wakes up in a minute or two.

Stretching and purring, he gives a sigh,
Wouldn't it be wondrous if cats could fly?

- John Warren Frushour(Coco And The Cats, book 1)

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