John Godfrey Saxe Poems

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The Blind Man And The Elephant

It was six men of Indostan, to learning much inclined,
who went to see the elephant (Though all of them were blind),

King Solomon And The Bees

A Tale of the Talmud

When Solomon was reigning in his glory,
Unto his throne the Queen of Sheba came,

To Lesbia

Give me kisses! Do not stay,
Counting in that careful way.
All the coins your lips can print
Never will exhaust the mint.

Sonnet To A Clam

Dum tacent clamant

INGLORIOUS friend! most confident I am
Thy life is one of very little ease;

How Cyrus Laid The Cable

COME, listen all unto my song;
It is no silly fable;
'T is all about the mighty cord

Do I Love Thee?

Do I love thee? Ask the bee
If she loves the flowery lea,
Where the honeysuckle blows
And the fragrant clover grows.

Wouldn'T You Like To Know

I know a girl with teeth of pearl,
And shoulders white as snow;
She lives, - ah well,
I must not tell, -

To My Love

Kiss me softly and speak to me low;
Malice has ever a vigilant ear;
What if Malice were lurking near?
Kiss me, dear!

Justine, You Love Me Not!

I know, Justine, you speak me fair
As often as we meet;
And 'tis a luxury, I swear,
To hear a voice so sweet;

Love Crowned

A maiden, with a garland on her head,
Sat in her bower between two lovers: one
Wore such a wreath as hers; the other none.

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