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John Gould Fletcher was an Imagist poet, author and authority on modern painting. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas to a socially prominent family. After attending Phillips Academy, Andover Fletcher went on to Harvard University from 1903 to 1907, when he dropped out shortly after his father's death.


Fletcher lived in Eng ...

John Gould Fletcher Poems



Like a gaunt, scraggly pine
Which lifts its head above the mournful sandhills;

In The City Of Night

City of night,
Wrap me in your folds of shadow.


At the first hour, it was as if one said, "Arise."
At the second hour, it was as if one said, "Go forth."
And the winter constellations that are like patient ox-eyes
Sank below the white horizon at the north.

The Calm


In the morning I saw three great ships
Almost motionless
Becalmed on an infinite horizon.

Tide of Storms

Crooked, crawling tide with long wet fingers
Clutching at the gritty beach in the roar and spurt of spray,
Tide of gales, drunken tide, lava-burst of breakers,
Black ships plunge upon you from sea to sea away.

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