John Kinsella

(1963 - / Perth /Australia)

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1. Sanctus, Sanctum: A Love Poem 5/8/2012
2. The Early Onset Of Darkness 5/8/2012
3. Warhol At Wheatlands 5/8/2012
4. Wheatbelt Gothic Or Discovering A Wyeth 5/8/2012
5. Death Of A Farm Boy 5/8/2012
6. Drowning In Wheat 5/8/2012
7. Pillars Of Salt 5/8/2012

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Pillars Of Salt

We always look back,
attracted by that feeling
of having been there before – the roads
sinking, the soil weeping (scab on scab
lifted), fences sunk to gullies
catching the garbage of paddocks,
strainers blocked by stubble
and machinery and the rungs
of collapsed rainwater tanks / and maybe
the chimney and fireplace
of a corroded farmhouse, once
the guts of the storm, now
a salty trinket.

The salt is a frozen waste
in a place too hot for its own good,
it is the burnt-out core of earth’s eye,
the excess of white blood cells.
The ...

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