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John Montague is an Irish poet. He was born in New York and brought up in Tyrone. He has published a number of volumes of poetry, two collections of short stories and two volumes of memoir. He is one of the best known Irish contemporary poets. In 1998 he became the first occupant of the Ireland Chair of Poetry.

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No Music

I'll tell you a sore truth, little understood
It's harder to leave, than to be left:
To stay, to leave, both sting wrong.


A feel of warmth in this place.
In winter air, a scent of harvest.
No form of prayer is needed,
When by sudden grace attended.

The Golden Hook

Two fish float:

one slowly downstream
into the warm

There Are Days

There are days when
one should be able
to pluck off one's head
like a dented or worn


My love, while we talked
They removed the roof. Then
They started on the walls,
Panes of glass uprooting

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