John Surowiecki Poems

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What I Know About Epistemology

As the light goes, go.
Be the rustling in the grass, the fall from
convention's good graces: learn, or someone
will have you filing files or writing writs,

Matin No. 2

With the morning's bird calls comes a woman's sobbing
and I'm left to eavesdrop, to reconcile sympathy with
helplessness and speculate on first causes. My guess:

The Wisest Aunt, Telling The Saddest Tales

They give her lunch, prick her finger for sugar.
Her stories are usually about being unlucky:
a young soldier is given away by the steam
from his own urine and so on and so forth.

Movie Stars Thank My Mother For Her Patronage

Rita Hayworth
We do see you, you know,
on the other side of the screen,
always in the fourth row

Mrs. Szmykleszczwladeczeryniecki's Last Day (1955)

She praises his gift of a tin cat, japanned
and bejeweled and black like her cat at home;
and all the while nurses, unarmed and helpless,

Chopin Mazuraka In A Minor

It passes the childhoods of people
it doesn't know, meeting aunts
with hennish stop-and-go eyes
and uncles with tiny square teeth.

Miss Flynn Walking The Halls

When she said she wanted us to see
she meant seeing cowslips and musk roses
where there were weeds, English oaks