John Yau

(1950 / Lynn, Massachusetts)

John Yau Poems

1. Broken Sonnet 7/25/2017
2. Confessions of a Recycled Shopping Bag 7/25/2017
3. First Language Lesson 7/25/2017
4. Hearsay Song 7/25/2017
5. Ill-Advised Love Poem 7/25/2017
6. Introduction 7/25/2017
7. The Missing Portrait (1) 7/25/2017
8. Portrait 7/25/2017
9. A Sheaf of Pleasant Voices 7/25/2017
10. Something to Look Forward To 7/25/2017
11. Music from Childhood 7/25/2017
12. In The Kingdom of Poetry 7/25/2017
13. Day's Instruments 7/25/2017
14. Egyptian Sonnet (2) 7/25/2017
15. Egyptian Sonnet (4) 7/25/2017
16. Ing Grish 7/25/2017
17. Father Knows Least 7/25/2017
18. Marquee Moon 7/25/2017
19. Russian Letter 1/20/2003

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Best Poem of John Yau

Russian Letter

It is said, the past
sticks to the present

like glue,
that we are flies

struggling to pull free
It is said, someone

cannot change
the clothes

in which
their soul

was born.
I, however,

would not
go so far

Nor am I Rembrandt,
master of the black

and green darkness,
the hawk's plumes

as it shrieks
down from the sky

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First Language Lesson

As you may have inferred, Ka Pow is not a spicy chicken dish
Meanwhile, you are an accident waiting to repurpose yourself

Who are you to mix up languages? This is not a smorgasbord
You have to remember that you are a cylinder, a form of fodder

Meanwhile, you are an accident waiting to repurpose yourself
Why do you need an expensive phone? It won't help you in the future

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