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I love to write poems it's nerly my life! Im orginally from North Carolina.

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One Question That I Have For You? ?

I was once happy until you took my joy! Now im sitting here sad wishing I had my toy. Why do you play with my emotions! Yeah i have a lot of questions! but please answer this one question for me. And I promise i'll let the pass be. What did I do wrong? but i'll understand if you don't answer so i guess i'll leave you alone. But lets talk about what you did to me........ You broke my heart that's the start. You mad me cry, cry, cry all the tears that fell from my eyes it was because you lied I just knew you was the perfect guy until you broke my heart and made me cry. But I just had one question for you now you know the reason that i've been blue! ! ! But don't worry one things true i use to love you! ! but now me and you are through! ! !

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Johnnetta Bridges Popularity

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