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The tears that fell from my eyes...
The hurt bought upon my face is clear
For every one to see...... My tear drops
Purple as they can be! This is what you did to me! ! !

I thought our love was true
I just knew you wouldn't turn
My world BLUE! ! Now im
Sad and true: true to the fact that I use to love you! !

Yeah im missing you I aint going to lie
I wish you were still my boo! !
All the fun times we had, Why did we
end up like this man do i feel so sad!

i thought he was my perfect guy until he broke
my heart and made me cry. All the tears that
fell from eyes I sit here and wonder why?
He told me he loved me but he must've lied

Now that you hurt me you have to look into my watery eyes....
and hear my cries.. Baby I Love you! Why did you do this to me
I'll never understand I always thought you'll always be my man
hahaha once again the jokes on me im tired of feeling sad

why do I still hope why do i even Care... What is holdn me back
from moving on every nite I just want to hear your voice tell you i love you and it would mean the world to me if only you would
tell me I Love You To...........
But instead i hear nothing sometimes I feel like i need you in my life

Im slowly getting back my heart Im slowly trusting again I
trusted him I got hurt how do i suppose to live tell me I
trusted him dat he wouldn't break my heart but instead he tore it apart
But im slowly getting it back but is hard to trust after I done been almost thrown off the face of this world but i was holding

As i hear your voice I wonder could you
be mine I wonder what it would feel like to have you in
my arms forever but why? why do i think about you why should i care
were opposite people you love red and i love purple tell me how


Love is patient
Love is kind
sometimes love makes you loose your mind

Im sick of being sad and blue!
You messed this relanship up not me you just didn't love
me It's clear for everyone to see! ! I was true to you I guess that's
the reason i feel so BLUE! I didn't do nothing wrong! I know you blame me but when are you going to see that you don't deserve me

12- Days You can't breathe you can't even think
11-Days Breathing gets easier just a little!
10-Days Stomach in knots!
9-Days Breathing is like clock work! !

I love me there's nothing you can do
I love me i will no longer hide or be afraid to face the world
This is who i am a stong beautiful young women.
Here i will shine and make the right decsions and not be part

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I love to write poems it's nerly my life! Im orginally from North Carolina.)

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One Question That I Have For You? ?

I was once happy until you took my joy! Now im sitting here sad wishing I had my toy. Why do you play with my emotions! Yeah i have a lot of questions! but please answer this one question for me. And I promise i'll let the pass be. What did I do wrong? but i'll understand if you don't answer so i guess i'll leave you alone. But lets talk about what you did to me........ You broke my heart that's the start. You mad me cry, cry, cry all the tears that fell from my eyes it was because you lied I just knew you was the perfect guy until you broke my heart and made me cry. But I just had one question for you now you know the reason that i've been blue! ! ! But don't worry one things true i use to love you! ! but now me and you are through! ! !

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