Johnny Noir

Rookie (New York City)

Johnny Noir Poems

1. My Friend Ana 6/2/2009
2. I Awoke From A Dream 6/2/2009
3. What's Left Of Her Legs 6/2/2009
4. Red Balls Dropp Like Riddles From The Sky 6/2/2009
5. Shit (The Poem) 6/2/2009
6. Act I, Scene I, From The Gunmen 6/2/2009
7. The Poet Queen 6/2/2009
8. There Are Drums Along The Congo 7/3/2009
9. Masters Of Hate 7/16/2009
10. Reasons For War 1/1/2010
11. Pits Like Roses & Hairy As A Siberian 2/28/2010
12. Raising Eve From The Red Earth 7/28/2010
13. The Courtney Love Doll 7/28/2010
14. Lily, Picasso & The Golden Mean 8/3/2010
15. Toenails Like Bloody Claws 11/4/2010
16. Kate Ii 11/4/2010
17. I Don'T Listen To Rock And Roll Any More 11/17/2010
18. Giotto 2/20/2011
19. Russian Girl 3/1/2011
20. Dirty Puzzle 3/1/2011
21. Brunette Sister 3/1/2011
22. Barefoot On Her Knees 3/19/2011
23. I Am Nature 4/5/2011
24. The Mother Of Frankenstein 5/1/2012
25. She Knows Her Eyes (Sluts Are Beautiful) 5/13/2012
26. Biblical Logic 12/5/2007
27. But Not Tonight 3/6/2009
28. To Swinburne 3/7/2009
29. Gone Mad To Heather 3/25/2009
30. All Blondes Are Evil - For Km 5/31/2009
31. Trim The Kat 6/2/2009
32. Gamy Slut 6/13/2012
33. Back To The Crimea 6/18/2012
34. The Finely Tuned Machine 6/30/2012
35. The Poet & The Porn Star 7/6/2012
36. Oedipal Pinup 7/22/2012
37. Bobbie Starr's Ghost 7/24/2012
38. Emma 9/3/2012
39. The Damned Man 10/25/2012
40. It Was Long Before I Went To Hell 3/27/2013

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    Will read these with interest.

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Best Poem of Johnny Noir

Skinny Granny

The feet of a skinny granny in her ripped seamed stockings are entrepreneurs
Making a killing in the cosmopolitan desert—
I think of love when I can't sleep with her bony arms around me,
What is it about Brigitte Bardot that makes her so big with the Existentialists,
Is it that she's so mean and cranky, smoking two cigarettes at a time—
Or is that she's a skinny granny from the future
Gone back in time like a witch in a red string bikini—
Old mothers are thrown out of their apartments
By young son's new wives,
It happens all the time with Joan of Arc burning in ...

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To Swinburne

I dreamt I raped Barbie,
She was stiff as wood and it hurt,
Stiff as plastic actually,
Hard plastic not soft and sensual
Like bubble rap—
I wish they'd make a plush Barbie,
But she was huge, bigger than me,
With blonde hair of course
And a face like a placid lake,

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