Jonathan Lee

Bronze Star - 2,241 Points (1969 / Singapore)

Jonathan Lee Poems

1. Secrets Of Kafka's Mistress (A Prose Poem,2016) 4/20/2016
2. Another Poem For You 4/23/2016
3. The Catcher In The Rye(New Prose Poem,2016) 5/16/2016
4. A Stranger In A Stranger World 5/21/2016
5. A Haiku That Forgets About The Seasons 5/27/2016
6. Haiku Begging For A Moon 5/27/2016
7. A Gleaming Haiku That Rubs Away Its Existence 5/27/2016
8. I Want To Be Racliff 10/21/2017
9. Chills In The Vertebrae 1/7/2018
10. A Catch-22 Nonconformist Haiku 1/7/2018
11. Finnegans Wake Resurrected 1/7/2018
12. A Different Bloom 1/8/2018
13. An Iron-Proud Nonconformist Haiku 1/8/2018
14. A Fire-Burning Freak 1/9/2018
15. Learning To Be Contented 1/9/2018
16. The Missing Nude Of Francis Bacon 1/9/2018
17. A Strange Case 1/10/2018
18. A Nonconformist Haiku Jogging 1/12/2018
19. A Nonconformist Haiku Feeling The Heat Of A Live Wire 1/12/2018
20. A Nonconformist Haiku Chipping Away A Gravestone 1/12/2018
21. A Nonconformist Haiku Reading Phenomenal Woman 1/12/2018
22. La Mer Lyrics 1/13/2018
23. La Mer Another Haiku 1/13/2018
24. Great To Complete Life's Journey With La Mer 1/13/2018
25. A Nonconformist Haiku Encountering A Rothko Canvas 1/14/2018
26. A Nonconformist Haiku And Its Brainchildren 1/14/2018
27. A Nonconformist Haiku Painting Over Unconscious Symbols 1/14/2018
28. Memory 2/7/2018
29. At Peace With God (Reading Victor Frankl's Man Search For Meaning And John Newton's Poem) 2/8/2018
30. Forgetting About Time 2/8/2018
31. Is This A Haiku? Where Are The Eyes And Ears? 2/8/2018
32. Another Haiku With Triple Sense 2/8/2018
33. Yet Another Haiku That Is Not A Haiku 2/8/2018
34. An Old Haiku That Struggles To Be Young 2/8/2018
35. Don't Get Hijacked By Egoic Doppelganger Haiku 2/10/2018
36. Don't Identify With Your Life Story Or This Double Haiku 2/10/2018
37. Relax And Release Yourself From Your Life Story 2/10/2018
38. Where And What Is My Essence? 2/10/2018
39. 1 Am To 3 Am: My Mother Is A Fish 2/12/2018
40. Another 1.02 Am 2/12/2018

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Best Poem of Jonathan Lee

The Road Not Taken (On Reading Robert Frost's Poem)

Two roads diverged in a mellow wood.
Rugged paths and uphill roads further ahead.
Dimly or half-hidden, like the wood itself.
Try to glimpse ahead.
But it is beyond disappearing eyes.
Part of my earthly tests.
Part of the riddle:
'Wherever I go, there I am.'

When young, no matter which road I took,
seeking prizes or meeting setbacks,
reversed, chose another road, repeated the cycle,
half-consciously, I carried that heavy Log
of desires, prides, fears, jealousies.

I realized, my feet didn't get to choose.
Rather, that Log came alive, ...

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I hugged my young child closely.

Tears dried the dirt

darkening the corners of my eyes.

She quietly, starkly pierced the dagger

into her stomach, deep, deeper,

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