Jonathan Lee

Veteran Poet - 1,738 Points (1969 / Singapore)

Jonathan Lee Poems

1. A Haiku That Forgets About The Seasons 5/27/2016
2. Haiku Begging For A Moon 5/27/2016
3. A Gleaming Haiku That Rubs Away Its Existence 5/27/2016
4. I Want To Be Racliff 10/21/2017
5. Chills In The Vertebrae -new- 1/7/2018
6. A Catch-22 Nonconformist Haiku -new- 1/7/2018
7. Finnegans Wake Resurrected -new- 1/7/2018
8. A Different Bloom -new- 1/8/2018
9. An Iron-Proud Nonconformist Haiku -new- 1/8/2018
10. A Fire-Burning Freak -new- 1/9/2018
11. Learning To Be Contented -new- 1/9/2018
12. The Missing Nude Of Francis Bacon -new- 1/9/2018
13. A Strange Case -new- 1/10/2018
14. A Journey -new- 1/10/2018
15. A Nonconformist Haiku Jogging -new- 1/12/2018
16. A Nonconformist Haiku Feeling The Heat Of A Live Wire -new- 1/12/2018
17. A Nonconformist Haiku Chipping Away A Gravestone -new- 1/12/2018
18. A Nonconformist Haiku Reading Phenomenal Woman -new- 1/12/2018
19. La Mer Lyrics -new- 1/13/2018
20. La Mer Another Haiku -new- 1/13/2018
21. Great To Complete Life's Journey With La Mer -new- 1/13/2018
22. A Nonconformist Haiku Encountering A Rothko Canvas -new- 1/14/2018
23. A Nonconformist Haiku And Its Brainchildren -new- 1/14/2018
24. A Maverick Haiku(Doing Reversed Engineering) 12/14/2014
25. Willpower 12/16/2014
26. A Poem Burning 12/23/2014
27. An Unorthodox Haiku 12/23/2014
28. Glimpsing Silverstein's Truth 12/25/2014
29. Dover Beach 12/30/2013
30. Another Poem For You 4/23/2016
31. How Old Is Your Poem? 11/14/2014
32. An Egoistic Haiku On The Run 12/13/2014
33. Love Songs Of A Bull Frog (Centennial 2015) 1/9/2015
34. John Donne Of Singapore? 12/23/2014
35. A Stranger In A Stranger World 5/21/2016
36. A Nonconformist Haiku Painting Over Unconscious Symbols -new- 1/14/2018
37. A Haiku That Recalls The Past 1/31/2015
38. Is Poetry Barbaric? 12/13/2014
39. A Homeless Haiku Getting Married 2/12/2015

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Best Poem of Jonathan Lee

A Homeless Haiku Getting Married

In the middle of the night, a poem walks into a London fog,

watching a grey train that runs along a grey track.

Someone cuts the train of negative chugging -

we see Helen Keller lighting up

candles and lanterns in her fogless but darker world.

The starlight circling the street lamps whispers,

'The world misunderstands us, but it doesn't matter.

It's only between you and God.'

Your voice is glowing inside nuptial starlight now.

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Is Poetry Barbaric?

Blood dripping from the pages of history books,

wartime pictures, dried bones, graveyard stones,

torture weapons, historic memorial sites

echoing the atrocities which occurred at Auschwitz.

Any poems that capture the glimmers and whispers

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