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The handshake is
left and right

different parts

My wife says
'My heart hurt so much'
that I couldn't lift my head
because of tears


Fail once
You will know who are your friends



Strength comes from meekness, meekness is the fruit of strength.

When we hate,
we see the sin of others
clearly, but
When we love,

you wanted to be a friend
with a hot heart
when we walk in the snowing
when we watch movies together

same words
There is no word that doesn't have one of these.

It's raining right now

I like rainy
It is the best of all days

I thought
Home is a long way away
for everyone

to buy a house,
To build a safe house
on the cements

Water goes down to lower places
Water flows in curves
Water cleanses


Angry people are not bad, they are only the lonely.


The benefit of evil cannot be hidden, the value of good can be hidden.


Often invisible
left and right
Up and down

one last piece of cloud
descend into raindrops
falling into the umbrella

Even when the wind blows
Even if a baby cries
When the grass is trampled
Even if look bad


Beauty springs from the unremembered and forgotten Dot.

rootless Tree

abstract without reality

Our love, the bottle,
your pen,
Our love, the nib
We are writing the history of love


for Samantha

After meeting you
I am trying to write about you

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The handshake is
left and right

different parts
have to be done it.

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philsong 7 The fragrance of all beings comes from breaking.

philosong 8 following the turtle: meet the finish line.

philsong 9 beautiful: raindrops hanging on the clothesline.

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Yonah Jeong Popularity

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