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To listen
To understand

i lost my friend
Without knowing friend's bitter tears
Only knew laughter of a friend
i saw a friend by my standard

A poet
do not use poetry
as a mean to the other ends

hope is not in the future
the future is in hope.

traces of the deep night

The winds blow
Gray clouds in the hazy sky

When was it
i only knew me
i cried
Merely to see my shadows

Love changed others
Through self transformation
In so doing

at dawn

when a misfortune knocks
on your front door

It is said that a bird flies
in the sky. It flies and soars,
that it considers life, its
freedom to get when it wants

in the early morning


Down Apt. stairs
See a dozing sparrow at window
Hold down a sparrow
A sparrow escape to upstairs rooftop

With traces of
A deep night


It was fun to see
People surprised

In spring
By light green hold hands with yellow
Attempt to cover all colors
Because it cannot be delete

Every morning
A Love is coming to find
Waking up from the bed of dreaming
Darknesses make a light


i can to be the best



Get up
until sleep

From morning


Can't go anymore
gathering in the lowest place
becomes the sea

Forget it

Forget the difference
............ the discrimination

Yonah Jeong Biography

I have been writing poems since 1970. 'The Islands Are Not Lonely' Because there are waves. INFJ.)

The Best Poem Of Yonah Jeong


To listen
To understand

To speak
To judge

First listen.

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Yonah Jeong Quotes

The humility is a receipt of the love.

Love is not an honest speech, but an audient work for a wrong claims.

To love is to win. Without love, to win is to defeat completely.

Without love, without heart. For human only.

Love is a master of hope.

Thank is a heart which sees the unvisable beings.

To hate is to see disadvantages To love is to focus excellence.

The end is in the angry but not in the Love.

Hatred works great with the historical background than serious events happens before eyes.

To listen is to speak.

To listen is to see teaching

To listen is not to be silent.

Love makes to appear other's good things.

The scariest person is the one who cannot lose.

To listen is to please.

To see is to be still.

Democracy means a personal free from the public freedom.

Those who don't love, Like no friends, Have no enemies.

Only those who are well silent can speak correctly

Love is given first, not reward later

Borrowing have a deadline, but following don't have a deadline.

There is no effort in winning, but effort in electing.

Achievement is not abrogation, but completion.

Be true. Don't smell money. Cannot smell all the scents.

All dreams come true by grace.

Love your every situations, you rule over them.

We are sinners. The sinner don't have a right of revenge. Because we use it for ourselves only.

No difference is a way to love.

Imagination is the wand of reality.

When we don't turn away our own faults, we are reborn.

Writing is stronger than words.

Personality depends on how you treat your unhappiness, not your own happiness.

Weeping is like the stepping stone of the stars going from evening to morning.

Waiting includes faith and love.

i love not to live, i live to love only.


What a machine cannot do, Training.

We cannot stay long at the top achieved by hatred.

What we see depend on beholder's eyes.

Without forgiveness, there is no love.

Patriotism is the mother of the war.

Patriotism is the starting line of conflicts and disputes.

poetry is a door into joy like a honeymoon.

To write is the rite of freedom and equality in society of the people.

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