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The Deep

Little hands an little feet pitta patta up an down your poppys hall he smiles an watches amused not angered by your cheek an gingerness the safety of daddy's arms protects you from everything he cuddles an plays until you want no more then playful nature begins to tire an sleep comes easy morning again midday too warm an sticky time to swim the big kids play in the other end of the pool your not satisfied an want to join you make sure their not looking an move down the ladder little by little the

A Pleasure Reading

A poet's style whether rhyming or not
is to secure the listener an thicken the plot
their stories intrigue an challenge the young an old
to be wise an bold

First Light

First light and morning due I lay beside you,
dark hair, dark skin cover the beauty within,
Thine heart beats slow but true I move gently towards you,
Eye's open lips touch ever so lightly on the mark,


One glance is all I need to see
The disgust you have with me
My cheeky grin and open eyes
Makes your temper start to rise

Fallen Angel

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26 December 2014

No love found No love lost...

13 December 2016

Many seek to change the world around them but very few wish to change the world within.

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Novice in any style of writing.

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