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31. What You Mean To Me 3/17/2013
Best Poem of Jordan Moore

What You Mean To Me

My mind is longing for love,
A love my heart just found.
Words will not describe!
The emotions I feel inside.
When we are together,
I need to hold you close.
Heart to mind, or lips to lips.
I love your smile,
your sexy charm,
Your valiant walk,
your long flowing hair,
All these things sets alarm.
To each day I walk alone,
No one can fill my heart… your home.
I think about you all damn day,
But mostly when I lie awake.
I never dreamt much in the past,
Now I do and it's for you.
I will stand by your side,
Through thick and all, ...

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Lord you empower so many great people,
To build upon your rules, a holy steeple,
So as I sit here gazing at your creation,
I realize your power,
That unlike men, does not go sour,
I look out at the trees,
That enhance all the beauty there is to see,
There Is nothing that can compare,
With the love that you share,

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