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A genuine girl
One who is smart
A sincere girl
She's true from the start

If you sharpen your finest weapon
And attempt to penetrate my soul
It will be like swinging a blade
Through the elusive morning fog

The Rose that grew from concrete
Still beautiful in every form
Its stem is strong and sturdy
Although some petals have been torn

They said that mountain had never been climbed
They said it was impossible
They ridiculed me for attempting
They mocked my effort for redemption

It’s always calm before every great storm
The wind blows ever so lightly
Everything seems at a halt, so peaceful
Yet nobody really knows

The air filling the night is warm
The stars have a majestic glow
The moon couldn't be any bigger
And my memories mimic a river's flow

This bird was once caged
It has come out with rage
Ready to implore good on the world

The sun will rise, the sun will set
Up in the east, down in the west
Take a look at life and understand
That nothing ever changes from its plan

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A Lucky Man

A genuine girl
One who is smart
A sincere girl
She's true from the start

A courageous girl
One who isn't frightened
A determined girl
One who is enlightened

A gracious girl
Knows to appreciate
A caring girl
Knows to love not to hate

A reliable girl
She won't let you down
A cheerful girl
Doesn't like to see you frown

A unique girl
There are not that many
A generous girl
She will give her last penny

A thoughtful girl
She will go out of her way
An amazing girl
She can make anybody's day

A good hearted girl
Of the world she cares
A spirited girl
Her soul is exquisitely rare

A diverse girl
Enjoys a good adventure
An outdoor girl
Loves to experience nature

An intelligent girl
Knows right from wrong
A bright girl
Knows where she belongs.

A beautiful girl
Everyone can see
A special girl
Everyone agrees

A perfect girl
This is she
A lucky man
That is me

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Jose Chavez Popularity

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