Jose Gonzalez Poems

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I Am Writing The Ride

I sit down to eat a muffin with a glass of oj this would make a great poem i figure so i begin to write and to live up to the poem i wanna paint a great picture to show how grateful i am i want you to feel my happiness have you ever eaten a blueberry muffin with butter have you? Have you had the sun hit you in the face have you had any worries or cares in the world so then forget it im done cause you already know how i feel

I Keep Going

They ignore me they ignore my poems my words my thoughts is ok I dont mind is your loss fools i was thinking in this deep rain why is this so reminiscent it seems all rainy days are the same the sluggish feeling I wont be getting out of bed today I will be tucked in with some cocoa

Where Have You Been

I search for you in the crowd I search for you in the cinema when I board the plane you escape me you little rascal
Did you not see my ad in the papers I was looking for you someone smart and beautiful i tried to make myself presentable and someone you can look up to see life is so short so we cant waste time waste too much on it deciphering poetry

The Plot Thickens

I don't know I am confused by it all every day I wake up and I could have sworn yesterday didnt happen because I feel the same act the same and move the same so what did yesterday mean does it mean anything at all or is it all a jumbled mess a big doozie I dont know I am confused tell me what is it I was supposed to have learned by now

What Hasn't Been Said

See I want to write a poem about love but Shakespeare beat me to it I want to write a poem about darkness but poe beat me to the spot what can I say that hasn't been said by men more talented than I so I refrain take my talents and talk about mopping floors no one has done that I will be the first of my kind go to uncharted waters I have no one to feel inadequate to I am on my own how great the feeling i am the best poet to write about cleaning see i was cleaning a room and i saw my reflection in the polish of the table it was clean i said
Job well done the end

I Sing A Song

The world tries to destroy me
It does not like free spirits
It wants you to be part of the assembly line
Go be robotic

Love Is Love

Hate me is OK
I will hate you back
I will wish your demise
Your plunge to hell

What The Hell Is Going On

The world has lost its
No one has any

Feeling Good

I woke up and let the day pass
Nothing and no one reached me
I was carefree so happy
I could compare it to a rose or talk about the weather but it was not about that it is a feeling when you are left to your own devices I was i was

Leave Me Alone

Don't talk to me
The end

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