Jose Gonzalez Poems

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What do I say but
When you act a fool I say


I'm tired of it all the games
Especially the ones people play
I'm tired of being told to shut up
I stand aside but I need to have my voice heard

Love The Love

Nothing makes me happier than a nice compliment no matter the source
I prefer positive comments
I love the love.
This world isn't all roses they say I should know

I Want

I want certain things while I am here on earth like longevity
I want to be 85 years old reading and writing poetry. I want to die in my sleep no fuss just go one day while I am sleeping gone no pain nothing disappear from the earth. I want to enjoy and see it all like travel the world and take it all in touch this touch that. I guess you could say I want to live a good life and say when is over it was a job well done

We Are All On

You are being watched yes you are I know it I'm watching you no no no not because you are reading my poem and I set a device in it no no because I am human like you i k ow what you feel I know what you are thinking we might not be friends I may have never seen you before but I can tell you are lonely I can tell you feel bitter why
Because I am alive too


I have a lot of questions but no answers so tell me
Do you have a clue
I don't
I want to but I don't

Feel Like It

I don't force the muse it comes when it comes hasn't been here in a while so I got nervous will it ever come. Will I ever write? Am I done for to be forgotten not to be read I hope not but the muse decides it doesn't want to come out and play what am I to do I don't have a clue I wait and wait til today it told me I'm ready I'm ready open a page and get a pencil I have it from here


Why are we at war let me be I say let me be and stop bothering me
Tend to yourself fix yourself don't bother me leave me the hell alone we try to change people into our likeness but we can't all be the same think the same no I have to accept you for who you are please do the same for me

Journeying Or Journaling

What should I do I'll go to the ball game get me some peanuts and cracker Jack's I don't care if I ever go back
I'm going to post this on my social media feed so the whole world can see me
Look look look look
Damn you look at me

I Am Writing The Ride

I sit down to eat a muffin with a glass of oj this would make a great poem i figure so i begin to write and to live up to the poem i wanna paint a great picture to show how grateful i am i want you to feel my happiness have you ever eaten a blueberry muffin with butter have you? Have you had the sun hit you in the face have you had any worries or cares in the world so then forget it im done cause you already know how i feel

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