Joseph Horatio Chant Poems

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He Shall Dwell On High

Tossed about in strange commotion
Like the surface of the ocean
When the wind, its waters lashing,

Paint Me As I Am, Warts And All

Brave soul, 'twere well if all the same would say,
And artists aim their patron's wish t'obey.
What signifies a wart, or e'en a scar?

Ashamed But Not Afraid

O God, I am ashamed to die,
But not the least afraid;
Tho' death's dark shadow draweth nigh,
Atonement has been made

He Shall Wipe Away Every Tear

Every tear that dims the eye,
Or bedews the careworn cheek,
Will our God, who reigns on high,
With a hand so kind and meek,

I Was There

When the French soldier from the field returned,
Begrimed with smoke and blood, he felt content,
As from Napoleon he this fact had learned,

It Was My Fault

Those men are deemed heroes who rush on the foe
Regardless of danger, and seek not to know
What others may do;

Others Save With Fear

Some men there are who stand so straight,
So equipoised, that others' fate
Seems to depend on their behest;
And useless all our every quest

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