Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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A Sense Of Kindness

A little bit of compassion lives
Within our heart each day,
When you decide to perform a kindly deed
In a most sincere and honorable way.

Harvest Time

Our Creator gave us the Harvest time
As a gift to enrich each hungry heart.
The fruits of his efforts we've reaped,
Sing a hymn of praise for his part.

Proverbs Of A Dog

Who loves me, loves my dog.
Whatever its color, a dog is a dog.
Cut off the dog's tail, it remains a dog.
What! bark myself rather than keep a dog.

Farewell To Winter

Farewell to Winter as it passes by,
To the heavy clouds beneath the gloomy sky,
And to the slumber of the snow-covered earth
That soon will be awakened to a new birth.

Beauty Of A Cardinal

I saw a Cardinal in an evergreen tree,
An aesthetic sight that dazzled me.
A red bird seeking shelter from the snow
Causing my heart to immediately glow.

A Dog And His Bone

A dog is a dog whatever its color.
A dog is a lion when at home.
A dog is wiser than a woman,
and does not bark at its master alone.

A Dying Soldier

A soldier was ordered into battle to face the foe,
His mind devoid of sensation - his body numb,
And his rifle fixed with a bayonet in front of him,
Charged the rampart hoping the conflict is won.

My Best Friend

Dad - You have been an extraordinary friend,
You were always giving me a helping hand,
Your hovering attentiveness soothed my problems,
And encouraged me to always take a firm stand.

Freedom Of Speech

Please, don't chastise or stone me,
Or force me into a fiery grave.
Instead, let me present my views freely
To those who are steadfast and brave.

D - Day - Invasion Of Normandy

Buried in a cemetery on Normandy's hallowed ground
are the remains of many soldiers who faced a crucial test,
and made the supreme sacrifice while invasion bound.
Today, their simple grave sites can be readily found,