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Jelly Beans

Rating: 5.0

By the counter of the candy store
several small rumpled heads
are jumping up and down in joy.
They hear the store keeper's tread.

' What do you want? ' is the cry.
The moment he is in sight,
and if their tiny hands are penniless,
How embarrassing the plight.

They eagerly purchase the jelly beans,
They barely get outside
before they open the packages
and have them open wide.

An assortment of jelly beans is enough
to bring forth elated sounds of joy.
Such candy items it takes to please
a small girl or boy.

Oh! Could we all but remember
when the days of youth have fled,
the appreciation in the small things
like jelly beans - green, black, and red.

Bri Edwards 27 March 2018

(continued) .. i guess i got money from my parents. i did not shoplift like, YEARS later, my younger brother told me he did. HE grabbed cigarettes (cartons!) and other high end stuff; he may have started with penny candy, the delinquent! ! ! bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 27 March 2018

(continued) MyPoemList. but YOU are contributing to my tired 'computer eyes'. Stop tempting me! ! i used to get penny candy at a little store an easy walk from my boyhood home, AND at another little store across town, and across the street from my K-2nd grade school. (to continue) ..

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Bri Edwards 27 March 2018

, this is good. the poem. i used to especially enjoy black and orange ones. not so much the green, red, or blue, i think. i'm more a Halloween guy than a Christmas guy. Easter and Halloween were 'good' for getting jelly beans. AND chocolate! Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! [someone else made that up..........years ago, not me] i arrived at your poem in a VERY ROUNDABOUT WAY. in any case, i'm glad i found it. it is delicious! ! (to continue) ..

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