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this first free verse
i don't stop writing
will show skills
and why i keep fighting

They say it’s all about the journey, I used to disagree.
Because I loved the destination but now I start to see
That when I finally get there, I think about the time
When we out sang the radio and thought we sounded fine.

I look back and think of that good oak tree,
and remember he stood strong as he’d hold me.
I was anything in that tree; all I’d do was pretend.
Clear into the night, ‘til I made my descend.

Basically brothers besides blood but bloods basically batter
The matter may make the man but it can’t make the man matter

The fluid forms family not friends, friend forming is florid

I once had a wish
it was summer forever.
But later I wished that
I wished that wish never.

I wondered off to sleep last night
Wanting to escape my world
Five sleep aid pills helped in my fight
to go and dream as I lay curled

Warm weather to cold
the disheartening plane ride
vacation's over

can you take it a little longer
keep with me i swear
you're being ignored cause I'm getting stronger
i clung to you more than you could bear

the plane headed straight for Palm Beach.
it seemed that we never would reach.
the plane made a sound
and dived down to the ground.

A family that's really quite larger than most.
And that's what is so great, that's why I boast.

The two names of two past's come together as one.

Out the window I peer again.
forehead rested on the pane
Clear conscience here, I feel no pain.
welcomed fog appears on the glass.

At the watering hole, they hide their flaws.
through money and clothes that cover the raw.
Sitting in silence, thoughts of how they look.
and what was the first impression people took.

This place like Alphabet soup with people of all sorts.
And with these people’s ways, the meaning of vacation they distort.
It's meant to bring family close and maybe have some fun.
But with judgment and conceited views neither can be done.


Karma says what goes around comes around
oh what a great concept that I’ve found.
how I’d like to meet the one that did conceive
this idea of a way to care which I now do believe.

Ink stained hands reluctant to turn the page.
For fear of another story guaranteed to cause a rage.
Eyes stare, face blank of emotion from page one.
B-ball was more important than the American lives made done.

People here say it's worth the wait.
But I’m putting that subject up for debate.
We waited three hours to wait some more
to be disappointed in what we waited for.

Head heavy from thoughts of returning.
Peace of mind from vacation does fade.
From school work written, my hand will be burning.
I think of good grades that will have to be made.

Temptation sneaks up
I grasp this brass AA coin.
The temptation fades

warm skin and warm mind
I kiss the rim of my glass
drifting in day dreams

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Off The Top Of My Head

this first free verse
i don't stop writing
will show skills
and why i keep fighting
to get me known around the world
for writing or healing or whatever
I'm just saying what comes to mind
right now I write now
I want to write with some emotion tonight
but like this night, I'm without sun
a burning passion, none
So i write blank thoughts from a blank heart
until the end and from the start.

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