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She does not attorn the love she has for him,
Though the throng is dumb and all their customs dim,
Also circumspect of worldly extrusions
That seek to take them out with no solutions.

So fair and tender, you walk with me in light.
A marriage winner, you're always in my sight.
I hope you remember you're my sweet delight
January to December, day and night.

Writing of thee and of thy gentle grace,
Despite the times which try to thee deface,
Truly might I in wholesome look reveal
Thine appearance great and unconquered still.

I'm speaking to you with the face of love.
What I see in you to me is enough.
Satisfied with everything about you,
My dear lady, I will never doubt you.

Boundless pleasure in the hopes of dreams,
Now I see it's you, everything I seen.
Coping now with all the beautifulness,
Truthfully, it's you in all your fullness.

I don't wish anyone except for thee
To be the fortune of my fantasy.
Thou art everything I dreamed you would be,
So be who you are, you're perfect for me.

The stir-crazy pope, that's bound to dull routine,
Is no better than the single-stage crack fiend,
And the dopey-headed monster 'bout the same,
Reaching nowhere true, just the same old life lame.

Know, I will never take a fast from you.
Ember days for our love's too much to do.
My sweet lady, I know you understand
That this is what it is and no demand.

Why would I want to waste this time with you! ?
To never end is what I want to do.
And I insist no displacement from thee,
For every effort is for you and me.

I in thine eyes do Excellency see
And in their sight no foul impurity.
Where thou art now to be I do desire
And am in heart and am in heart no liar.

Holy fane,
wholly plain.

- Joshua Aaron Guillory

The trees are blowing their grapes over here,
And I see clearly a phantom appear,
Staring closely at me as I draw near,
Then mumbles something softly in my ear.

The qualmless calm I feel is great.
Underneath me is all the hate.
I live not like them, nor ever will.
I never fight them, nor ever kill.

As squint-eyed jealousy assails my form,
With not I make myself to move their storm.
Instead, well-behaved, I stay who I am,
Because that makes my life as sweet as jam.

Nobly I live, and nobly I shall not die.
The defunctive misgive, and so they do lie.
Evil-eyed without evil eye, they fail
And exist in doubt, as I do prevail.

Manifold cadeaux I bestow to you,
And wish thee bliss and no grotesque ado,
Neither a low-down cracker of stale taste,
Nor a pale fever for thy body's waste.

I go with the flow of the rose
And follow my nose to what's sweet.
Truly, happiness overflows
In me, and it is most complete.

Who seeks no fight, but does not give up his right, that he is right,
Focuses on the light, that he may see right, and he is right. Might guides him, and Truth supplies him,
And Hate never divides him.
His might and supplier is Love,

She turns men into a rosebush,
Even makes the rose blush,
But does not stop the bee's buzz,
Because she knows that'll make them fuss.

She breaks your earth and makes a chasm.
She knows your worth and what you're after.
She causes you both joy and laughter.
She hopes to help you and yield you pasture.

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I'm 33, and I love poetry... https: //

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She Does Not Attorn The Love She Has For Him, Though The Throng Is Dumb And All Their Customs Dim, Also Circumspect Of Worldly Extrusions That...

She does not attorn the love she has for him,
Though the throng is dumb and all their customs dim,
Also circumspect of worldly extrusions
That seek to take them out with no solutions.

- Joshua Guillory

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What insanity to disbelieve the thing preached to be believed when the thing preached to be believed is true! ? - Joshua A. Guillory

Though they're in Hell wailing and failing, I'm still in Heaven exceling and prevailing! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

I'm always loving and true and not ostentatious or fake like any of you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

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