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I'm 33, and I love poetry...

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20 February 2021

What insanity to disbelieve the thing preached to be believed when the thing preached to be believed is true! ? - Joshua A. Guillory

26 February 2021

Though they're in Hell wailing and failing, I'm still in Heaven exceling and prevailing! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

26 February 2021

I'm always loving and true and not ostentatious or fake like any of you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

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She Does Not Attorn The Love She Has For Him, Though The Throng Is Dumb And All Their Customs Dim, Also Circumspect Of Worldly Extrusions That...

She does not attorn the love she has for him,
Though the throng is dumb and all their customs dim,
Also circumspect of worldly extrusions
That seek to take them out with no solutions.

- Joshua Guillory

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Joshua Guillory Popularity

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