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IF YOU READ MY POEMS PLEASE COMMENT...I am 17 and i consider my self as a poet and lyricist. I find that writing is the only way i can express how i am feeling and not be made fun of. I am happy and willing to talk to anyone so if ya wanna talk just message me. I am not a famous writer but i wish i were.

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We Can'T Waste Time

We have no time to waste, since you have to leave soon
I wish the sun could come back and replace the moon
because the second that full moon comes, you have to go
and I miss you more than you could ever know

I No Longer Do

Kaylin I sit here thinking of you
over and over again
thinking about the feelings of love we shared
and how you put them to an end

The Words One Should Say

Dad I will forever remeber the words that no one should say
because I said them to you, and you died the next day
the words 'I hate you' will forever be a reminder of the day you died
and I wish I could tell you that those words were a lie

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