Josias Homely

Josias Homely Poems

1. Bonny Maiden 10/27/2014
2. The Broken Hare-Bell 10/27/2014
3. Stanzas 10/27/2014
4. The Pauper Labourer 10/27/2014
5. The Dying Exile To His Bride 10/27/2014
6. To A Primrose 10/27/2014
7. Winter's Last Trophy 10/27/2014
8. The Maniac's Suicide 10/27/2014
9. Evening Hymn To The Deity 10/27/2014
10. To Louise 10/27/2014
11. The Emblem 10/27/2014
12. The Wanderer Home 10/27/2014
13. The Transatlantic Flower 10/27/2014
14. Marie (Returning From The Fields) 10/27/2014
15. To A Young Friend, Unusually Depressed By Heavy Misfortune 10/27/2014
16. Lines (Supposed To Be Addressed By A Mother To Her Only Living Child.) 10/27/2014
17. Song 10/27/2014
18. Sonnet 10/27/2014
19. The Inconstant 10/27/2014
20. The Magic Of Thy Tear 10/27/2014
21. Ella—the Maniac Maid 10/27/2014
22. A Minute's Thought 10/27/2014
23. The Hawk 10/27/2014
24. To Julie 10/27/2014
25. To Julie Ii 10/27/2014
26. To Julie Iii 10/27/2014
27. The Grave Of Agnes 10/28/2014
28. The Burial Of Julian, A Dirge 10/28/2014
29. Ode 10/28/2014
30. Ode Ii 10/28/2014
31. Address 10/28/2014
32. The Death Of Rosaline 10/28/2014
33. First Love 10/28/2014
34. The Skylark 10/28/2014
35. The Last Words Of Adolphe, A Youthful Poet. 10/28/2014
36. Trust Me, Such Is Love 10/28/2014
37. The Lily 10/28/2014
38. The Emigrant 10/28/2014
39. The Devonshire Yeoman's Song Of Liberty 10/28/2014
40. Maid Of Cambria 10/28/2014

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Best Poem of Josias Homely

The Spirit's Prophecy

The earth turn'd round—Her atmosphere of light
Like a soft radiance round a sapphire flung
Enclosed her as a garment, whose fair hues
Of many-color'd blended harmony
Trembled, as the swift sun-rays shot along
Through the thin vapours of a calm, still sky.

A spirit folded then his azure wing,
And rested from his lone, adventurous flight,
Where the first sunbeams struck the outmost air
Where cloud had never soar'd, he 'lighted down
With joy upon the atmosphere of earth.
He, through a wilderness of many worlds.
Had pass'd, in quest of loveliness and ...

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The Pauper Labourer

The strong attachment of the villagers of North Devon to their native places, is proverbial and remarkable. When the Poor Law Amendment Act was brought first into operation there, nothing excited so much dread among the aged and infirm, nothing excited so much indignation among the sturdy labourers, as the fear that
the old people would be removed from the homes of their youth, the graves of their fathers, and the dwelling places of their children.
The case alluded to is not imaginary.


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