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I was born in Griffith, NSW. Grew up as a loved and cared for child. I am 1 of 4 children. I was in Griffith until the age of 8 and then moved to Shellharbour, NSW, where my life started to begin. For 8 years now I have been blossoming and really starting to know who I am. I love poetry, art and sport.

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Do I Really Love You

I can’t tell a soul
No one can know

The way I feel

Hardly The Time

For the first Couple years of my life,
I thought you the one
But I was wrong
I looked up to you my inspiration


The window left cold and opened
For the red robin for her morning call
The cheep cheep, of her tiny vocals
Myself left wondering


As I am lying in my bed
All these thoughts run through my head

I feel all alone in this room

My Past, My Present, My Future.

Coming home from my country past on the flat landed road.

From all the thirsted trees and the red dirt farms, the rustic fences holding back the part dead, or part alive sheep.

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