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I looking for my true love
He is nowhere to be found
He say he love me
and would do anything for me

Baby i love you
and i neva let you go
baby i promise i always be there for you
thru the ups and down

Im in love with a man
who make me sooo happy
he always keep a smile on my face
When we together I feel like im in heaven

The clouds is dark outside
My life is spinning around to fast
I have no friends by my side
Family turn their back on me

Im happy because all of my biils are paid
Im happy because i woke up and saw a brand new day
Im happy because i have food on my table
Im happy because my free

love is so special to me
especially when the person you love is treating you right
love make you want to live another day
love is so kind

Everyone happy
Everyone happy when they can pay their bills
Everyone happy when they have money in their pocket
Everyone happy when a person tells them they love you


Tired of the crying at nite
Tired of the disappointment
Tired of the sadness
Tired of stressing

Have You Ever
Have you ever felled in love
And the person break broke your heart
Have you ever felt like the world was against you?

When me and you are together
My world shine so bright
Your smile light up my world
Looking into your eyes i know everything alright


Mom I just want to say I love you more than anything
You have always been there through the thick and thin
Times when i made a mistake
You forgave me and open your arm wide open

I'm sad
my world seem so dark
why because people talkin
My problem is weighting me down


As i wake up
I say a prayer
because someone didnt see a brand new day
As i eat my breakfast i thank god again

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What Is Love

I looking for my true love
He is nowhere to be found
He say he love me
and would do anything for me
Why he not by myside
He said love is when another person love you back
That not the only thing about love
Love can be
then if it wring i dont want to be right
Love can be faith
Love can also live
Love can also die
I really dont know why it would die if you love that person
Love will go the distant
There someone for everybody
Just be patience your true love will come
You just have to have the faith

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