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I love to write. When I speak people misunderstand me. But when I write they understand me...Written was another way for me to escape my stress and other way to express and gether all my thoughts and put it into words...I've been writing since 16....and I haven't stopped yet....I better myself, by writing what pops in my head during my thoughts....

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Eka Frima Ulia 28 May 2014

great work Joy.. i likes all ur poems.... i'll read at all: D

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Baby I'M Sorry...

I'm sorry for not loving you
I'm sorry for not being there for you
I'm sorry for making you cry
I'm sorry for breaking your precious heart
I'm sorry for not believing in you
I'm sorry for never giving you my ears
I'm sorry for not holding you when needed to be held
I'm sorry for sharing my nakedness with another
I'm sorry for not expressing myself to you
I'm sorry for denying you
I'm sorry for lying to you
I'm sorry for breaking my vows
I'm sorry for not fight with you
I'm sorry for me being sorry
I'm sorry for my mistakes.....
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, babe I'm sorry.......

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Joy O' Pateng Popularity

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