Joyce Chen Poems

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A Letter To My Lover

I was surprised and bewildered when you suddenly asked me whether I love you or not. I had ever directly faced to this question before. It was hard to give a satisfying response to you within just a few minutes.
Personally, I define love as a lifetime promise. It cannot be denied that you do magnetize my thoughts and feelings and fascinate me to stand by your side unconditionally and uncompromisingly. Yet, love requires time to wait and see. Along the thorny path, we set our course, but who knows what would happen to us in the future? The only thing we shall do, and we can only do, is to be patient.
You complement me and make my life more fulfilling, exciting, and colorful. Seeing you when I wake up in the morning gives me a readiness to conquer the day. Even going through the good and bad times with you and wouldn't have it any other way. The euphoria that you bring to me lets me smell the fragrance of romance. Whereas, to say be lovers, it's too early to say. I cherish the love as rational and persistent. Hence, the relationship should be built upon the commitment about the future. It takes time to see how our life overlaps together.

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