Juan Alvarado Poems

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Erotic Bride

When in you, like a tumescent member in a sensual dance,
I always walk northbound from the main square,
Inside you, through you, in spite of you,
I always walk northbound and always on one street.


In the middle of this concrete and re-bar jungle teeming with death and life,
I think of you, Cadereyta. This maddening jungle is shocking, choking,
I think of you Cadereyta, I seek escape.


When one day you told me,
about the sexiness of your back - (tu espalda,)
deprived of seeing you that way,
pity this poor fool,


Merciless city of my youthful dreams, you are dead,
Centered in the primordial issue, sinuous road, absconding description,
Slow motion replays of a shot badly done; the confusion of a demented director,
I, still steeped in the historical muck, repudiate the scene.

After The Fall

I came to lay you down, finally,
After such long time; I came to lay you down.
Without fanfare, no trumpets here, to announce your exit,
Only the shadows of your life.

Time Spin

guide wing, strong snow,
black pin spin, in vessel,
of time
learning elastic arm

A Past Cubed

He left work early under pretext, and drove
through the old streets of the sun drenched valley.
He was looking for the remnants of a not so distant
past; looking for a son of Italy and America, a friend