Juan Duarte

Juan Duarte Poems

1. If I........ 1/22/2008
2. Moments 1/22/2008
3. You Dress With Beauty 1/22/2008
4. Everything Is Yours 1/22/2008
5. The Love Of A Shy Person Jd 1/23/2008
6. Oh Mom 1/24/2008
7. You And I Weren'T Ment To Be 1/28/2008
8. My Friends 1/28/2008
9. Every Moment 4/4/2008
10. I Love 4/4/2008
11. What Can I Do 4/4/2008
12. I Give Up 4/4/2008
13. Distant Love 4/5/2008
14. As Time Passes By 1/21/2008
15. A Thank You Poem To God 4/5/2008
16. Nights Of Passion 1/22/2008
17. A Soldiers Dream 1/28/2008
Best Poem of Juan Duarte

A Soldiers Dream

A soldier isn't just a soldier,
but a human being.
sent to fight over seas,
Sent to fight to please his leaders dream,
and as this soldier gets older, his only dream is to live.
But as years pass by, his hopes and dreams are thorn apart,
as he is sent to run to reach the other side,
as he runs through the open battlefield,
were the enemy waits for the kill.
And as this soldier stops and prays, the enemy is moved by this soldiers face.
The enemy lets this soldier flee,
know this soldier is free,
free to live his own dream.

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If I........

If i dream of you is because I love you,
If i need you is because I love you,
If i think of you is because I love you,
If i cry for you is because I love you,
If I love you is because I love you
And if i love you is because of who you are.

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