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Hey Guys...well I'm 18 years old..And I just graduated from James Pace High School. I like to go out for fun and sometimes write poems..as you can tell. I haven't written in quite a while but I plan to start again. If you have any questions or want to chat..i'm on myspace.com/jpena45 bye or you can email me at baddrummer2007@aol.com, or lifonsnarz0889@yahoo.com thank you! I

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I Can'T Stop Thinking Of You

I can't stop thinking of you
Day and night, Rain or Shine, Your all I think about
I stay up every night thinking of you
And wonder if you're doing the same

I'Ll Never Forget You

Ill never forget you
I would do anything just to see you one last time
Just one last time where I could hold you in my arms
and look deep into your beautiful eyes

My Angel

Meeting you was a blessing to my heart and soul
Your a present from god
An angel that fell right into my arms
You mean so much to me

I Wonder

As I sit here and watch the cold hard rain beat down
Upon the roads of night black tar
I begin thinking, and remembering of the past
Of you, and how you are doing

Just A Friend

Days, months, years have gone by
You’ve come and gone in and out of my life
But you’ve always remained in my heart
With open arms I welcome you back in my life

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